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Promoting the Use of Filtering Software Subsidy Programme

The Internet provides easy access not only to useful information, but also to indecent or even obscene materials that may affect youngsters' psychological development. The purview of the Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration (OFNAA), one of the enforcement agencies authorised by the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance (COIAO), encompasses Internet materials. OFNAA encourages schools to organise workshops and talks for parents on how to protect their children from objectionable materials and install filtering software on their home computers.

To alert parents to the presence of objectionable materials on the Internet and teach them how to install filtering software to filter objectionable contents on the Internet.

The filtering software talks and workshops should contain the contents as stated in the following attached documents:

Essential Points of Workshops and Talks (PDF Format)

A maximum of HK$2,200 for each application.

The schools should use the subsidy to hire a non-governmental organisation (NGO) to conduct the filtering software talks or workshops. If the cost of a service exceeds HK$1,500, the schools should obtain quotations from at least two service providers. The quotation records should be properly maintained.

The NGOs named in the attached list can assist the schools to conduct the filtering software talks and workshops.

List of Assisting Organisations (PDF Format)

Application Form (MS WORD format)

In applying for subsidy, the schools should complete and return the application form below Newspaper and Article Administration Division of the Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration (OFNAA) on the 39/F Revenue Tower, 5 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Reply Form (MS WORD format) | quotation records (MS WORD format)

The schools shall submit the notes of the talk/workshop and the quotation records to OFNAA by fax (2827 2893) one month in advance, using the Reply Form.

Report Form (MS WORD format)

The schools should settle all costs first and then submit a report to OFNAA within one month of completion of the event for reimbursement. The report should contain the following information:

(a) Format of the event
(b) Name of the NGO appointed to conduct the talk or workshop
(c) Number of attendees
(d) Two photos illustrating the talk or workshop
(e) Feedback from the school, the NGO and/or the attendees
(f) Income and expenditure statement signed by the headmaster or principal
(g) Reimbursement amount

The schools shall be reimbursed by cheque within one month of furnishing to the Government's satisfaction the report form, quotation records and the relevant invoices and receipts.

  1. OFNAA has absolute discretion over the acceptance or rejection of an application.
  2. Unless prior written approval has been obtained from the Government, the school must ensure that neither it (including its Associates and Associated Persons) nor any of its directors, employees (including their Associates and Associated Persons) or sub-contractors have any actual or potential financial or other interest in, or any association or connection with, any of the services or goods procured or obtained by the NGO with the funds provided.
  3. The school must obtain the prior written approval of the Government before accepting any sponsorship, whether commercial or individual, including that in print material or other media, and must ensure that the assisting organisation has also obtained the necessary approval if it requires sponsorship.
  4. The school/assisting organisation must not accept any sponsorship or advertising involving the promotion or endorsement of tobacco or liquor products, or the companies that supply them, or of any products or services that may conflict with Government programmes or policies.

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