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Filtering Software

In recent years, the rapid development of the Internet, aided by advanced personal mobile devices like smartphones and tablet PCs, enables us to access a vast range of information and many different types of services quickly and conveniently. However, indecent and obscene information not suitable for children and youth can also be easily transmitted via the Internet. Parents can consider making use of the parental control applications pre-installed on their home computers or installing suitable filtering software to their home computers or their children’s mobile devices as one of the measures to protect their children against objectionable materials.

Parental Control Applications for Home Computers

Mac platforms provide free parental control applications. These applications enable parents to set time-limit on the use of the computers, and block undesirable websites or set up a list of prohibited and permitted websites for their children. For details, please visit the following websites.


Use of filtering software

Filtering software usually contains a list of websites carrying objectionable information and blocks access to these websites. Due to the vast volume of transient information available in the Internet, it is essential to regularly update the filtering software on new websites to maintain their effectiveness over time. In addition to filtering objectionable materials, some filtering software can also manage or restrict users’ access time to the Internet.

Some smartphones or tablet PCs are pre-installed with or can download parental control programmes to prevent children and youngsters from downloading or operating Apps containing objectionable contents. For example, Apple iOS allows users to set age restriction for Apps, a free "Android Parental Control" is available in Google Play for downloading.

Please consult your Internet service provider or any computer software provider for advice on the use of filtering software. We attach below a list of filtering software for PCs, smartphones and tablet PCs for reference *:

PC/Mac Filtering Software Web Address
1. Avira Windows/Mac
2. Bull Guards Windows
3. CyberPatrol Windows
4. K9 Web Protection (Free) Windows/Mac
5. Kaspersky Windows/Mac
6. AVG Family Safety Windows/Mac
Mobile Device Filtering Software Web Address
7. AVG Family Safety Android
8. K-9 Web Protection (Free) iOS
9. Kaspersky Android
10. McAfee Family Protection Android
11. Norton Family Parental Control Android

12. PC-cillin Android

(*Note: Please note that the list of filtering software above is not exhaustive. If other filtering software suppliers wish us to include their filtering software in the list, they can telephone Ms. Kwok at 2594 5820 to arrange a test on the filtering software.)

Promoting the Use of Filtering Software Subsidy Programme

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