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1. Objectives

To promote the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance (“COIAO”) (Chapter 390, Laws of Hong Kong) to the public, especially the youngsters, through creation of animation script. The foregoing seeks to enhance their understanding of the Ordinance and encourage youngsters to stay away from obscene and indecent materials and violent electronic games.

2. Theme

The entries should encourage a positive thinking and promote the COIAO in a lively way with a view to disseminating the message of staying away from objectionable materials using creative ideas.

3. Entry Groups

1. Secondary School Group
2. Primary School Group

4. Awards

Each entry group will have a champion, a first runner-up, a second runner-up, five merit award winners, and 12 special award winners. An award will be given to the secondary and primary school group each with the highest number of participants.

OFNAA will produce a 2-minute animation using the champion script of each group. The champions will be invited to participate in the production of their animations.

5. Requirements

  • Participants should create a script based on the designated winning game stories.
  • Participants should submit an animation script in Chinese for the production of a 2-minute animation.
  • Word limit for Secondary School Group: between 500 and 2,000 words (including punctuation).
  • Word limit of Primary School Group: between 300 and 1,000 words (including punctuation).
  • Participants should provide titles for their respective entries (no more than 20 words).
  • All entries must be animation scripts either in the form of manuscripts or computer printouts. Manuscripts may be written on white A4 paper, script paper or single-lined paper. For computer printouts, Microsoft Word should be used. 新細明體 should be adopted for text with font size 12.

Please refer to for detail rules and regulations.
6. Judging Criteria

50% Content – Promotion of the theme of the Contest
30% Creativity and innovative idea - Creative concept and ways of portrayal
10% Impact and retention - Impression on public
10% Writing skill - Structure and rhetoric

7. 2018 Healthy Animation Script Creation Contest

8. Healthy Animation Script Creation Contest Award Ceremony

The Healthy Animation Script Creation Contest Award Ceremony was held on 7 December, 2019 in Kennedy Town Community Complex.

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List of Winners (Available in Chinese only)