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Through encouraging the production and viewing of short Internet videos, the Healthy Internet Video Contest aims to encourage healthy and responsible online behaviour among young people and to guard them against objectionable information.

Contest Groups

  1. School Group (Primary & Secondary School)
  2. Open Group (Participants are only allowed to join the contest once)

Details of contest

Requirements of the videos:
  1. The length of video is restricted to 2 to 5 minutes, in either Chinese or English.
  2. Text, images and cross-media elements may be included in the video clips.


No more than 50 videos will be short-listed for the consideration of an adjudication panel.

Standards of Adjudication

  1. 50% Content - Message on promoting healthy internet video
  2. 30% Creativity and Innovation of Idea - Creative concept and ways of portrayal
  3. 10% Impact and retention - Impression on public
  4. 10% Technical skill on artistic aspect - Use of camera and other visual effects

The 9th Healthy Internet Video Contest

The 9th Healthy Internet Video Contest