The Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration (OFNAA) is one of the enforcement agencies authorised by the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance (Cap. 390) (COIAO). Items subject to COIAO regulation include books, newspapers, magazines, comic books, web pages and electronically transmitted text and images. The increase in Internet penetration has made a variety of useful information accessible, but the cyber world is also filled with myriad objectionable materials that may adversely affect the minds of young people.

To promote the healthy use of the Internet and to encourage teenagers to participate actively in community services, OFNAA has launched the Healthy Information Student Ambassadors Scheme, which aims to nurture independent thinking in young people, enhance their ability to judge objectionable materials, and help them to foster a set of positive values and attitudes towards life. By taking part in voluntary work within the Scheme, participants can serve the community by helping to promote the message of safe and healthy Internet use.



The Scheme targets Secondary 1 to 5 students with basic knowledge of computer operation and software applications, as well as good basic language skills.

Scheme Overview

Invitations have been extended to local secondary schools, each of which is allowed to nominate a maximum of three students to join the Scheme. Nominated students will have to attend a selection interview, and those ultimately selected will have to attend a 19-hour training programme.

Theme Content Duration
Introduction to the COIAO
  • Content of the COIAO
1 hour
Enhancement of leadership skills
  • Effective self-management
14 hours
  • Effective communication and public speaking skills
  • Problem solving and crisis management
  • Creative thinking
Information technology training
  • Security tips in internet communication
4 hours
  • Security tips in using social networking services
  • Installation and use of filtering software
  • Overview of security and data privacy in using mobile apps

Upon completion of the training programme, the Student Ambassadors will participate in a range of publicity and public education activities that promote the healthy use of the Internet, including teaching parents basic computer skills and introducing their fellow students to the relevant provisions of the COIAO.

Upon completion of the entire Scheme, the Student Ambassadors will be awarded a certificate as a token of appreciation.


Please contact us at 3847 7705.